Sale without a sign?

Thinking about selling your condo soon by yourself or through a broker? The first step is to consult your condominium charter that will tell you if you are allowed to sell by putting up a sign.

It is very important to respect the rules in the matter, otherwise you are liable to receive complaints from neighbors. Imagine if 20 condos were for sale in your complex of 32 units, this would leave a bad message to future buyers!

The second step is to consult the regulations of your city related to putting up a sign; it should not be forgotten that regularly the first 10 feet in front of your property belong to the city. Ask permission or permits if necessary.

Otherwise it is still possible to sell without a sign!

Tip: Remember that putting a sign up for too long may discourage a future buyer.  It would be better to install at proper times during the year, for example if you have a ski-in ski-out condo  you should put up your sign in the fall rather than in April!

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